Certification Programme in Film Acting

Certification Programme in Film Acting

It is an acting oriented program. NAFT’s objective is to provide different skill sets through which students interested in acting can become talented actors. This course trains students in film acting and film craft. It gives a clear understanding of the art of film making.

This course is designed in a manner where the participants will be taught the basis of acting , method acting , aesthetic acting and camera angles with role adaptations. This course is designed to give a complete experience to actors. Apart from acting,participants will be also trained as a great script writers and voice modulation artists.

This course will make participants the best actors and ready to work as lead artists in movies,short films, music videos.


The National Academy for Film and Television is affiliated to National Institute of Mass Communication which is recognised by California University, USA and Canadian University of Mass Communication, Canada.

Eligibility   :   To apply canditate should be 18+

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